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Why Kirby?


What Makes Us Unique?

There are so many reasons why our families chose Kirby, but here are three reasons that are unique to us.

1. Madison Area YMCA membership

Children at Kirby enjoy the benefits of a YMCA membership, including priority registration when enrolling in Y programs, such as swimming, dance, gymnastics, Y Ninja Gym and sports at our member rate. Free bussing is provided between the Kirby Center and Family Center.

2. Full Kitchen

Our facility boasts a full kitchen that serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks and hot meals (included in your tuition!).

3. Five State-of-the-art Playgrounds and Indoor Full-size Gym

We are situated on almost three acres of property with five
age-appropriate state-of-the-art playgrounds
 and an indoor full-size gym to serve all age groups. 

"The numerous playgrounds, blacktop, fields, and indoor gym provide space for the kids to run around and enjoy the fresh air! The grounds are kept immaculate and are a huge benefit to the school."

-Kathryn, Kirby Parent

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 3.58.00 PM.png
InfantFrontView.IMG_20210708_103556627 (1).jpg


NEW: The Universal Playground is a versatile structure that draws children’s curiosity and supports a range of ages and abilities with physical interactions.  

InfantFrontView.IMG_20210708_103556627 (1).jpg


The Preschool Playground is specifically designed to promote developing motor skills, coordination and balance.



 The Infant Playground features sensory-rich play structures for our youngest learners to explore while building physical, cognitive, and social-emotional skills.


Gate A: Universal Playground

Gate B: Preschool Playground

Infant Playground


The Toddler Playground encourages movement through active play while also keeping children engaged with the playground's dramatic play features to enhance social skills and stimulate language progression.


The Paved Playground provides a safe outdoor environment that allows children to use their creative energy in healthy interactions with stimulating play equipment.


Toddler Playground

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 10.54_edited.j

Paved Playground

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